To view the planetarium on the web, you will need a fast connection, a modern browser, and a desktop or reasonably powerful laptop. We do want to support mobile devices, but we haven’t figured out how to do that just yet! The button below will open the planetarium in a separate tab. Be aware that it will take a while to load and initialize…

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The planetarium is also a free-standing app you can download on the Download page (for Windows only at this time). I, Voyager is designed to be extended and improved by the community! Please see the About page for information.

Here are some screen captures…

Iapetus and Saturn:

I, Voyager screen capture of Iapetus with Saturn.

Saturn’s rings and its close orbiting moons:

I, Voyager screen capture of Saturn's rings and its close-orbiting moons.

The Main Belt and Trojan asteroids:

I, Voyager screen capture of asteroids.

With version 0.0.3, the Planetarium has a new graphic user interface. The controls and options are normally hidden but appear on mouse-over:

I, Voyager Planetarium GUI (graphic user interface).