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Free-Standing Apps

Windows users can download the Planetarium “app” here (we will have Mac an Linux versions in the future). Game developers should download the “Project Template Demo” to see save/load functionality and a “starter” GUI more appropriate for game development.

Download the Planetarium 0.0.6-alpha: Windows 64-bit (153 MB)

Download the Project Template Demo 0.0.6-alpha: Windows 64-bit (153 MB)

Important note! You may get a “Windows protected your PC” warning the first time you attempt to run the .exe file. If you want to run the program, you will have to click “more Information” and then “run anyway.” Unfortunately, this will be the case until we are an official organization and can pay a yearly fee to a certificate authority. If you would like to make a contribution toward that effort, please visit our GitHub Sponsors page here.

Godot Projects & Exports

All downloads for the latest release v0.0.6-alpha are available at the GitHub releases links below. These include the full Godot projects (ready for import) and all Godot exports (including the HTML5 web deployment of the Planetarium). To run and edit the Godot projects, you will need Godot Engine 3.2.1 (here; does not work with 3.2.2 at this time!). Be warned that when you open the project it will take a looooooong time for Godot to import Solar System images, and there may be errors. When Godot finishes the import, close the project and open again; there should be no errors when you open it the second time.

Planetarium releases (click “assets” to see the downloads)

Project Template releases (click “assets” to see the downloads)

GitHub Repositories

For expert developers our repositories are at Be aware that “ivoyager” is a submodule used by I, Voyager projects (the Planetarium, Project Template and any project derived from the Project Template). Also be aware that the “ivoyager_assets” directory (containing image files and asteroid binaries) is not Git tracked! You’ll need to download that separately from the link below.
Assets directories for official releases are here (click “assets” to see the downloads).
Assets directories for the master branch are here.

Planetarium repository

Project Template repository

See walk-through guide here. If you are new to Git — or even if you are an old, grizzled Git-user from the oughts — I recommend trying out GitKraken. It’s free for public repositories and has made my life a lot easier, especially for managing submodules as part of multiple projects.