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  • I addressed the city lights and cloud maps issue in my post under the "Future Ideas" thread. But I figured to mention here that, for my add-on, I am planning to make a half-dozen generic asteroid meshes with some equally generic textures, one or two per asteroid type. These would be semi-fictitious, of course, but maybe…
  • (I don't have any VR gear, but it looks like Godot itself is making strides in that area.) Is there a feature roadmap for I, Voyager? There are a few far-flung ideas I have for my project, and those inspired by other software such as Celestia and Universe Sandbox, which might be worth planning in or ruling out ahead of…
    in Future Ideas Comment by mbg May 2020
  • &#13;&#13;It began as a pencil sketch of my own project, starting with the res://<name>/<name>.gd structure per project guidelines. Then I looked through the tscn trees and grepped each class to map out the relationships on app.diagrams.net. &#13;&#13; Yeah, I'll probably drop ProjectBuilder or stuff it into a simplified…
  • Hi all! I've been gaming since the nineties (shooters, sims, and TTRPGs) and worked as a network administrator in the oughties. My computing hobby has been on layaway for the last decade as I've been heavily involved in the language industry. I discovered the hard(ish)-sci-fi TTRPG Eclipse Phase—not affiliated, just a…