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About me:
I’ve been coding a bit of astronomy since the VIC-20 was a thing. The first program I remember writing was a 2-body gravitational system in BASIC. Since that time I was a nuc electrician’s mate on the USS Aspro (SSN 648) and a professor of entomology at University of Illinois (my research was a sort of "ancestry.com" for honey bees). I now live in Alexandria, Virginia, and spend most of my time coding or planning my next photography/hiking excursion.


  • I am just an IT guy in real life and am a hobbyist programmer in my free time coming from Germany (Hamburg). At the moment I am programming on a kind of a space tycoon game and hope that I can use I, Voyager in any kind for my game (still a very early prototype). Beside that I am really impressed of the work on this project so far and am curious on the further development.
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    @kryzmak, welcome aboard! First post on our new forum!

    I'll be around here to answer questions about I, Voyager as you develop your game. I have no idea whether it will be good or terrible to set a space tycoon game in a realistic solar system -- but no one has done it before!
  • Im a programmer by day game dev consultant/hobbyist game dev by night. I also have a small spacegame ongoing. Just love space stuff anyway.
  • Great to have you Plopsis!
  • Hi!

    I'm an ex-professional programmer, currently just a hobbyist and a stay-at-home dad. I'm also an amateur photographer (astrophotography among other things) and a musician. My girlfriend is a mad scientist and our son is named after a constellation.
  • Welcome to the forum TassuP! I am neither professional nor ex-professional programmer, though I've watched a lot of YouTube videos on it. That makes me an expert, right? Feel free to start an astrophotography discussion thread here if you want. I have one I'm proud of and a few others I might dig up.
  • Hi all!

    I've been gaming since the nineties (shooters, sims, and TTRPGs) and worked as a network administrator in the oughties. My computing hobby has been on layaway for the last decade as I've been heavily involved in the language industry.

    I discovered the hard(ish)-sci-fi TTRPG Eclipse Phasenot affiliated, just a fanabout four years ago, and Godot as a curiosity shortly thereafter. I came across Godot again recently, and noticed the massive improvement, which gave me the idea to recreate Eclipse Phase's world (ie. the solar system) into a world-tracking tool for TTGMs, and possibly as a game in its own right. A quick search for "Godot solar system" landed me here.

    I was going to model a solar system, but you've already done that. My next step was going to be to overlay it with a game UI, but you've already done that too! My next step was going to be, or perhaps "is", writing a Newtonian orbital mechanics planner/calculator. If such a beast already exists, I'd be happy to assist in any way I can, or write one that fits in with the I, Voyager Project Template.
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    @mbg, Welcome! Sounds like a cool project!

    Just a note on "Newtonian orbital mechanics": What a lot of people mean when they say this is that you have position/velocity updates each frame based on good ol' F = ma. However, to get anything close to real-life solar system positions doing so, you need a super computer. Well, NASA has that. What we do is put everything "on tracks" based on NASA's solutions (the tracks are "orbit elements"). The tracks move due to perturbations (these are "element rates" we also get from NASA).

    You can still add a spaceship or planet with position/velocity/mass. It's just a little indirect. Look at the Body and Orbit objects (system_tree/body.gd & system_refs/orbit.gd). Let me know if you have questions.
  • Hi, folks! I see that the majority of people on this forum are engaged in programming. Unfortunately, I'm not among them, but I don't think that it's crucial. I'm an ordinary man with a great passion for exploring and understanding space and our solar system. I'm thrilled that I found I, Voyager because now I can enjoy the best web planetarium I ever saw.  I believe this forum will become a place where I can meet like-minded people and explore our Solar system together o:).
  • Thanks JacobCop2208!
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