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v0.0.6-alpha released!

The changelog is big this time. I'll try to get back to a pattern of more frequent smaller releases.

Some highlights:
  • New models for Phobos, Deimos & Hyperion.
  • More planet/moon information: surface temp, surface gravity, etc.
  • Totally overhauled Planetarium GUI.
  • Planetarium starts in real-time and you can get back to real-time by clicking "Now".
  • Better camera movement (no longer stopped by the poles!).
  • There's a lazy init / disposal system now for models (MeshInstances). We keep only 20 or so active at any given time rather than the ~200 we had with all the moons. It's much better for low-end systems.
  • Effects! We have sun glow and auto-exposure adjustments. I tried not to go overboard with it. (Unfortunately, these are not in the Planetarium web deployment.)
  • Better star map.
  • Better project organization.
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