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v0.0.2-alpha released!

edited November 2019 in General
You can always find past and present changelogs here.

  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll - via hotkeys and right-button mouse drag (drag near screen center for yaw/pitch, or near edge for roll)
  • Reduced window size to fit inside HD screen: now 1800 x 900. (This is in Project Settings so it will only effect new Project Templates and the stand-alone Planetarium.) It's still resizable on the fly.
  • "Quit/Exit without saving?" confirmations disabled if save/load disabled.
Interface-breaking changes
  • Signature changes in SaverLoader.save_game() & load_game(); this is to make SaverLoader stand-alone so it can be added to Godot Asset Library.
  • Moved make_object_or_scene() from FileHelper to SaverLoader (same reason as above).
  • Some VoyagerCamera API changes to allow for yaw/pitch/roll rotations.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Credits button in exports [0.0.1-hotfix-a]
  • Fixed InfoPanel movement when minimizing
  • Removed hotkeys for non-existent developer functions

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