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Moving from "alpha" to "beta"

edited November 2019 in General
Other things may come up, but two things I want to address before we move from "alpha" to "beta"...
  1. Yaw, pitch, roll. It's in the Hotkeys and I started on camera code, but website launch got in the way... (All the same, I think you will be impressed with the VoyagerCamera!)
  2. Text files should be treated as "alpha" for now, and COPYRIGHT.txt is especially hard to get perfectly complete. One issue here is the large number of world map images from NOAA. Normally, government agency images would not be copyrighted and are public domain. And in fact, all of these images are distributed from NOAA, without any copyright anywhere in sight (not in EXIF data, not in any files anywhere near in the ftp directory, not referenced anywhere), and have been so for decades. Nevertheless, these are all composite images made by a human at some point, and not necessarily acting as a NASA/NOAA employee at the time. Perhaps they are de facto public domain? I don't know. Currently I'm crediting them to NOAA and therefore public domain. But I'm trying to get a more certain answer.
In beta I want to prioritize interface stuff, so when we are proper v1.0 release there won't be any more (or at least very rarely) interface-breaking changes.

I think it will be weeks, not months, to get to v1.0.
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